Saturday, January 23, 2010

Vista Way

I have arrived in the USA!

I've been here a bit over 24 hours, and have not met any Americans. Currently the apartment complexes are filled with Aussie's and Kiwis.

Everyone who arrived today (and it was only Australians and New Zealanders checking in today) was put in Vista Way. Out of all the complexes it was the one I wanted least, just because I had heard it was the oldest, but now that I'm here I'm enjoying it, I think living at the Village has made me a much less picky person, its a palace compared to there.

I got a 3 roomer which means 6 girls in total, including me, (and yes, I realized as soon as I wrote this that this sentance was redundant) will be living here. My room mate is also Australian and there are 2 girls from NZ as well, which leaves 2 empty beds that are yet to be filled. I hope we get some Americans, since it would be nice to actually meet some.

Here is the cliffsnotes version of my first day as a Disney Cast Member!

9.30am - Woke up at POP Century, possibly the coolest hotel in existence, and got ready.

11.00 - Caught a mini-van to Vista Way to check in with 5 other Aussie's.

11.30 - Sat through a short presentation welcoming us.

11.45 - Got shown to our rooms.

[This was followed by unpacking.]

1.15pm - Catch up with some other Aussie's and head to Walmart.

[We were in Walmart for a ridiculously long time and I have no idea what time we finally got back, but I now have the essentials including a pillow, bagels and a cellphone! Yippee.]

5.00(ish) - Sitting around the apartment discussing whether or not to go to Downtown Disney with some other Aussie's for dinner, decide against it.

[We then walk around, running into people we know everywhere so stopping to chat along the way. (It's AMAZING how many people you can 'know' without knowing, the powers of Facebook I tell ya.)]

8.00(ish) - 4 of us for a walk to the shops just outside the gates and get Wendy's. Was surprisingly delicious.

10.00pm - Present. Ready for bed, getting annoyed at AT&T for charging me 20c per text sent and received when it's supposed to be UNLIMITED for $1 a day. Seriously, the phone system here is retarded. If someone decides to send me 300 messages, I have to pay 20c per message even if I don't read them, it makes no sense. /Rant.


I'm torn on whether or not to keep ending this with 'Have A Magical Day' since I've heard it approximately every 5 minutes since arriving in Florida. I'll keep you posted.


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  2. Hi,

    Congratulations on being in the college program/international program, I hope you have a blast. I did it some time ago and I have some great memories.

    Just a word of warning, be careful about posting too much about disney on your blog, they don't take to kindly to that kind of stuff and don't give second chances. I saw my international program roommate get kicked out of the program after one infraction. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

    Have a great time and welcome to the states!

    If you have any questions about america.. post them on your blog and let people know.