Thursday, January 7, 2010

Please Explain: American things I just don't get.

[Picture from my vacation to the moon]

So I decided my packing installment will actually be my first vlog, since I will be able to jazz it up with music to make it less boring, and the planning it and messing around with editing will be a lovely distraction from the fact that I leave the country in LESS THAN A WEEK! HOLYcrap!

In my preparation to leave I've been reading up on the American way of life. Australian's often call us the 'Mini America', however in my research I have noticed some severe differences. I'm hoping to understand these and embrace them in my time in the beautiful country, and some things I kind of understand, however, these are the things I just don't get.

(Please note that I in no way want to offend any residents of the USA with this list! I am generally curious, and would be happy to explain why we Australians do things that may seem odd to you!)

Fanny and Root - do Americans not realise these are hilarious and slightly dirty words? They most certainly do NOT mean bum or to cheer for a team. I don't see myself not giggling whenever I hear these used.

Mobile phone charges (sorry, cell!) - Firstly, why is it called a cell in America? Mobile makes more sense to me, since it's a phone that is mobile, but I'm sure there is a reason behind the name. The thing I really don't get is, IN AMERICA YOU HAVE TO PAY IF SOMEONE CALLS OR TEXTS YOU!!! I don't think I will ever get my head around this. If someone texts you, you have to pay money! Why!? That's so mean! It's like stealing money! I don't get it and I would really love to know why that system is in place.

Supersize - Yes I will do this, once, for the novelty, but really... why? Our large cups are the size of an american small and I can't even finish that. Large serving sizes are something I will definitely have to get used to.

Spelling stuff with a z - Realize (should be realise) for example. What was wrong with the original way of spelling? It's all English.

U.S. customary units - Why you would want your weight to be a LARGE number I have no idea. Here over at the metric system I'm in double digits, and it feels GOOD.

Driving on the right side of the road - Okay so this is one where I just think every country should pick a side and stick to it. Why confuse people, why can't we all drive on the same side of the road, be it left or right.

Green money $$ - Why is all the money the same colour? That's confusing. (Also, back to spelling, why drop the u from colour America?)

When I meet Obama I'm going to have a nice list of suggestions for him.

As wacky and crazy as reading about America has made it seem, I am just so excited to meet the people and learn the reasoning behind all these funny things!

Until next time, I'm off to get a sore fanny from sitting in the stands rooting for my team.

Haha... so dirty...



  1. Actually, our money is kind of different colors. I mean, I think they're trying to put orange in the 5 dollar bills and purple in the 20 dollar ones.

    And honestly, we don't really use the word fanny. I can guess what it's supposed to mean in Australia, but you really won't come across anybody using that word. It's very outdated.

    I completely agree, our portion sizes could feed a small army. That's why I always share with somebody else. And it saves money!

    It was a sad day in my life when I was 12 and realized I got charged for other people texting me. So unfair.

    Btw, I love your blog; it's extremely entertaining! It's fascinating to see an 'outsiders' perspective on American norms. (Can I make a list of Australian things that I don't get? Lol).

    So, what role will you be working as? I don't think you ever said?

  2. OH! And I think you mentioned somewhere that Americans don't swear. Haha. They do. A lot. It's just that some of us are really uptight about it/

    Also, WTF is vegemite?

  3. I also don't understand why we have to have different spellings and names (like mobile vs. cell) here. Why do we have to be so different about everything?? *sigh*

    Ohh! When you get here you should go up to some random tourist and be like "Excuse me, do you have a mobile I can borrow?" and see what weird looks they give you!

    On the large servings- I don't even know. It's just what we're fed and grow up with, so I guess we've never learn our lesson, lol! I definitely go for the smaller sizes though, once you start reading nutrition facts you realize just how sick food portions are!

    America is pretty weird...

  4. Jackie - love the direction of this blog. I have this huge fascination with America and, therefore, totally expect to be living vicariously through you ;).

    Oh, I'm from Bella.