Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vista Way? More like VISTA LAY!

Playboy voted Vista Way the second easiest place to get laid. Nice.

Be careful what you wish for. Got home tonight after an 8.5 hour shift at 11pm, have to be up for another 8.5 hour shift at 8am. Love it but too wired to sleep tonight so tomorrow will be brutal. Being around loud noises and flashing lights all day does not make it easy to switch off your brain after work.

Loved Animal Kingdom. Expedition Everest rocks my socks, but I still love Rock'n'Roller Coaster the best. Hurt my neck on it because it throws you around a lot!

Learned how to run CyberSpace Mountain today. SO FUN! Seriously too chicken to go on it though, too claustrophobic to get in some tiny pod that locks you in and throws you around, prefer real coasters! There would have been a protein spill today for sure if I had been made to go on it, just watching those things spin around made me feel queezy. One of these days I better try it though, just so I can tell guests it's awesome.

Miss my friends in Australia a lot today.

Want to get a Disney Quest hoodie. Hopefully they have them, will look tomorrow.

Do any Disney experts know anywhere on property that I can buy a Beast plushie? He seriously does not get enough recognition around here.

Magical whatever...


  1. There's a beauty and the beast show at hollywood studios, so most likely you would be able to find one there or at world of disney at downtown disney. good luck!

  2. ps... i think you work with my roommate, becca! isn't she the best?!