Friday, February 19, 2010

So long yet so very short.

Today marks exactly a month living here at Disney (according to Renee, I could look this fact up to confirm but I choose just to believe her, I'm lazy), and in some ways it feels like it has flown, in other ways, I cannot believe we are STILL IN FEBRUARY!

In that time I have:

STARTED and completed my training, and am now OFF my earning my ears (and have been for about 2 weeks now). I've even been trained in a role that I didn't originally apply for (greeter) which means that I can pick up shifts in the parks for extra money, which is always lovely.
MET too many people and made a lot of new friends, and still getting along with the flatmates swimmingly. They are awesome girls.
DISCOVERED Cicis (and been there 3 times). This will be my downfall.
BEEN to all the parks at least one, some more, and ridden all the rides I was really excited about (except Haunted Mansion which insists on breaking down whenever I am in Magic Kingdom).
PLANNED my first trip away, an overnighter in Tampa next week to go to a very exciting event that I will dedicate an entire post to once I have attended, although anyone who wants to stalk my facebook for a second will easily be able to figure out what it is.
APPLIED for time off for a trip to The Big Apple in June and am waiting nervously until it is approved or denied. Sex and the City tour here I come!
APPLIED for my social security number, something that is apparently important but I don't think it was worth the time or effort of getting up at 5.30am for.

My work schedule is a dream so far. Late afternoon starts and home at midnight at the latest (Disney Quest closes at 11.00). Perfect for my preferred sleep routine. Pay sucks but I will start trying to pick up more shifts once I get over the filthy cold I finally caught (it was going around the apartment and I thought I had dodged it.)

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