Monday, August 24, 2009

What calls one of the sexiest internships to participate in...


So, it arrived... Special thanks to who are amazingly incompetent and sent me 13 thousand emails about it being delayed only to have it arrive at the time they first estimated anyway.

The thing I thought would be so great about this book, is that it isn't in anyway endorsed by Disney, so it is the actual facts that have not first been through Disney's Magical Wash.

Unfortunately this might be part of it's downfall. It tries to be shocking in it's sexually explicit stories and it's tales of CPers stunts, however if you are anything like me, and have friends who are 21 year old boys and/or have spent any time living in student accommodation, these stories will actually be tame in comparison to the things that you experience on your typical uni night at the pub.

The book is split into 3 sections: Living, Earning and Learning.

Living covers the apartment and room-mate aspects. It's good to hear about what life at the apartment blocks are like, especially at the infamous Vista Way where many of the internationals are placed. Whether or not the many stories of the shenanigans that take place there are true or not I don't know, but if it's anything like me experiances of student living I'm sure the stories within are only the tip of the iceberg.

Earning concentrates on the different jobs you can have and the work aspect. During my research of the program I have learnt that the jobs can often be long and tedious, but tales of customer interaction and 'Magic Moments' certainly make it seem as though with the bad comes lots of good x 10.

Learning is a section I skimmed through since personally I will not be taking any of he courses that the Disney College offers. From my understanding the Disney College runs classes exactly the same way as a regular University, with lectures and assignments, however they are not real degrees that count in the real world. At the end you can either get your Mousters (Masters) or your Ducktorate (Doctorate). While you can put them on your resume they are not to the same level as an actual Uni degree, and very few Uni's will give you credits for undertaking these courses.

Tip: The term 'screw-off' is used several time throughout the book. I assume this is the Americanized version of 'fuck off' because I have been told American's don't swear. They may possibly have a heart attack when they hear the words that come out of my mouth if this is actually the case.

Hope this helped you Chickens. To be honest unless you are an International CPer I wouldn't bother buying it, and even then it doesn't give you that much extra info, you can find out all the same things from forums and blogs.

My next post will be very soon as on Friday I have a meet and greet with other Melbourne 2010 CPers as well as a meeting with my Uni to go through all the Visa process so I will update within the next few weeks filling you in on that.

Until next time, have a magical day!


  1. Ive been wondering whether I should buy this book or not. I'm not doing the international program, just the regular college program because I live in America. And as far as Americans don't swear? Where on earth did you hear that from? I literally laughed out loud. American's swear all the time. ALL the time. haha.

    I'm Marina by the way :)

    I'll be at WDW from January 6-May 14 2010 for the college program as a photopass photographer.

  2. I've been on and off about buying this book....maybe I will just for fun.

    Haha and don't worry, we swear here in America. At least in New York we do....maybe not so much down in Florida. :)