Friday, June 26, 2009

The Application Process

Jackie + Sleepy (of 'Snow White' fame)

So I'm updating, which means that I now know my official Disney arrival and departure dates!

I am due to arrive on the 23rd of January, 2010
will have officially completed my period of employment at the happiest place on earth, on the 7th of January, 2011.

To (hopefully) make this easier to follow, I'm going to post, step by step, the things that I went through to get to being officially accepted into the program, and then afterwards list how you can go about it if you have decided you want to.

1) Trusty old facebook informed me that my uni was advertising Disney Internships through the form of a friend's status update. She is also a Disney fan and so was as equally as excited as I was (however, sadly, decided against applying for the program this time around).

2) I searched the online noticeboard of my university to find this advertisment and was informed that there would be a presentation in the following weeks. It also directed me to this website:

I went to this website and sent in the required information.
PLEASE NOTE: This turned out to be a waste of time, as I had to resubmit everything anyway (but will NOT be a waste of time if the recruiters are NOT coming to your uni).

3) I got up bright and early on presentation day and dressed in smart, job interview style clothes. I took a copy of my resume with me as well as photo ID.

4) Sat through the presentation. It was really fun and interesting. They also asked Disney related questions and handed out prizes for correct answers. The videos we watched showed the parks in general, housing, and also a brief overview of the kinds of jobs that you can have if you are accepted.

To watch the same presentation, go here:

5) Straight after the presentation they were beginning interviews, so I signed up for an interview later that afternoon and recieved some forms that needed to be filled out.

6) I got to the interview location about 10 minutes early, they checked my forms, photocopied my photo ID, then I waited.

7) The interview took place with 2 other people, and the recruiter took it in turn to ask us questions. The questions were generally something you would find in most job interviews, although there were question relating to how you think you would cope living away from home, and in a group apartment. The best question was 'What's your favourite Disney movie?'

Of course I answered: Beauty and the Beast. (The very first thing I plan to buy at Disney is a Beast toy).

8) I wait....

7) as above

8) as above

9) as above

10) Exactly three weeks later I get an email saying that I am accepted! Yipppeeee! Celebrate good times! This email needs me to fill out several forms. These include an acceptance form, a proof of student status form, a police check form and provide a copy of my passport. I do all this.

11) I recieve an email saying my spot is officially confirmed!

12) A couple of weeks later I learn my official Disney dates.

And that brings us to the present.

It's probaby important to note that I was lucky to attend a university in which the Disney recruiters actually came. If they don't come to your uni you can still apply, and the process will be similar, however your interview will be over the phone.

There are still heaps of things I need to do, but can't do too much yet. The main thing is getting my visa, but I have been informed that I will not have my interview for that until at least August. They do not want you to purchase airline tickets until you have had your visa approved as this can really hinder the process and may result in them not giving one to you.

The visa that you get allowed 30 days of travel at the end of the program, so I am excitedly planning different trips I will do afterwards.

That's all for now. I don't think I will have much more to write about for the next few months, at least until my visa interview, but I have ordered a book from Amazon called Mousecatraz, which is about the college program, so I will do a review of it once it arrives and I have finished it.

You can order it and read reviews here:

Until next time, have a magical day!

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